Clipper Full Metal Black & Gold Lighters

Each of these exquisite Clipper Full Metal Black & Gold Lighters showcase a beautiful black or gold body accompanied by an opposite colored top. These beautiful Clippers also feature a full metal body and of course, are refillable. Clippers are known for their removable flint that doubles as a poker and packer tool, which makes them a must have item for any smoking connoisseur. Light up your favorite legal smoking blends with class and style with these Full Metal Gold and Black Clippper lighters. Each order comes with one randomly selected finish  or a pack of two, which includes one of each color.



Bulk and global sales of BIC mini, BIC slim, BIC maxi in various
colours and smoking accessories Logo free design is available. We
also have electronic BIC lighters available.
BIC MAXI (J25 , J23 , J26) BIC MEDIUM(J23 , J25) MINI (J3 , J5 )
Customized BIC lighters,ricket BIC lighters.


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