BIC Slim Animal Lighters

  • Slim Lighter
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Stylish slim lighter
  • Stable flame due to pure isobutene fuel
  • A nickel plated steel hood that protects the flame from the wind
  • Child resistant safety guard compliant with EN 13869 Standard
  • SIZE: 7.5 cm height 2 cm width
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • 5 Lighters
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About BIC

Every Bic lighter undergoes more than 50 quality checks therefore they meet or exceed the specifications of the ISO 994 International Safety Standards.

The Bic Company has over 43 years of incredible manufacturing to guarantee the quality and safety of its products.

4.1 million Bic lighters are used every day across the world.

Bulk and global sales of BIC mini, BIC slim, BIC maxi in various
colours and smoking accessories Logo free design is available. We
also have electronic BIC lighters available.
BIC MAXI (J25 , J23 , J26) BIC MEDIUM(J23 , J25) MINI (J3 , J5 )
Customized BIC lighters,ricket BIC lighters.


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